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Beartooth Gun Slings Eliminate Hassles in Gun Carrying

Gun slings permit you to carry your rifle for long distances with less physical stress. You are able to preserve your stamina over a long period of time during the search for game. The most important function of a gun sling is of course to make sure that your firearm is not separated from your body, and that it is within reach at anytime especially during an emergency or danger. 

The Beartooth gun slings provide a secure foothold to your firearm with an extra length sling to mount on adjustable strap cord for outdoor sports and hunting. Technically, the slings consist of an ambidextrous attachment mounting accessory for 180 degrees without any bind operation. 

Hunting has remained a part of humanity’s fine tradition and culture. By developing the skill and art of hunting and becoming competent in it through the use of Beartooth products like Beartooth gun slings, you are also able to contribute to the management of game animals through the license fees of hunters, used by the local government in improving game reserves.

Tough hunting conditions result in damage to the gun finish. Aside from accessories like StockGuard to protect your gun’s finish from the bumps and rough running in the wilderness, your Beartooth gun slings can preserve the gun’s finish by keeping it in close contact with your body.

We build the best gear possible with our design philosophy, incorporating the latest materials and attention to detail with superior craftsmanship. We apply numerous rigid tests on the products like Gun Sling before offering these to you. Your satisfaction is our number one priority in the end-use design of Beartooth products. 

How would you like to attach a detachable Mossberg 500 12-Gauge Bolt Set Sling Swivels with Improved Sling Pack on your rifle? This is one of the advantages of the Beartooth gun slings.

The practice, skill and art of modern hunting have gone a long way since the 20th century when rifles replaced bows and arrows and hunting accessories, including gun accessories were developed to a high degree. Today, we see a significant improvement in the technology of wildlife hunting.

With the use of professional and high quality hunting tools and accessories, you can develop responsible hunting and can help in the conservation of wildlife and prevention of the extinction of significant fauna in the open and forested wilderness.

As a specialist hunter trained for the purpose, you will need more than just the basic equipment to hunt game. You will need a number of professional tools and accessories to achieve success in the field out there, like your Beartooth gun slings.

Beartooth specializes in the fine craftsmanship of making hunting accessories that preserve the gun finish, and enhance comfort in gun fit. Since 1996, Beartooth have been making superb quality hunting components for the hunting communities worldwide.

You can find the Beartooth gun slings in a number of sporting goods retailers like Sportsman’s Warehouse, Gander Mountain and Bass Pro Shops. You may also purchase our products through online e-commerce. Beartooth’s professional staff is always ready to answer all your questions, and serve your needs at anytime. You can visit site

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